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To manage a campaign first log into nd click on the Manage Campaign link. This page allows you to view the status and make updates to email campaigns that were saved.

Main Navigation

Main Menu: link back to Cendyn Admin

Create Campaign: create a new campaign. For more information on this topic click here.

Manage Campaign: view and manage saved campaigns

Schedule Campaign: set a deployment date for a campaign

Calendar: View calendar with schedule for all campaigns

Analytics: View eGoogle Analytics tracking statistics for campaign.

Manage Campaign

From this screen you can review important information about all email campaigns for your property.

  • The property name, sent status and requested date are indicated at the top of each campaign display.
  • link allows you to preview the design of each campaign
  • Criteria link allows you to review the criteria that were selected for this campaign. (cannot edit criteria from here)
  • Campaign Name: name of the campaign
  • Campaign Status: indicates what state the campaign is in
  • From name: property name from which the campaign is delivered
  • From eMail address: eMail address from which the campaign is delivered
  • Subject:subject line which the eMail recipient will see when they receive the eMail
  • eMail Count: number of eMail addresses that the campaign will be delivered to
  • Requested by: eMail of the person that requested the campaign
  • Approved by: eMail of the person that approved the campaign
  • Sent by: eMail of the person that sent the campaign
Go back to editing your template by clicking on the edit button. The edit button will not appear if the campaign has already been approved.
Delete the email campaign, by clicking OK on the confirmation po-up window
To view what the campaign will look like in an eMail client, use this link to email the campaign to yourself only. The eMail address of the recipitent will be the emial that was used to log into Cendyn Admin
If more modifications need to be made to the campaign click this link to go back to the template editing section.
Use this link to schedule a deplyment date for the campaign.
review information about making the eMail campaign optimized for delivery to users. For more information on this topic click here.
Deploy campaign
Campaign has already been deployed


Schedule Campaign

To schedule a campaign click on the Shedule button:

  • A new screen will load with the campaign details listed on top.
  • You can review the template design and the campaign citeria by clicking on the design and criteria buttons.
  • Set the frequency of the campaign deployment by selecting one of the optios from the Recursion radial buttons.
  • Next select the start date for the campaign deployment by selecting a date and time from the dropown.